Email Marketing

optimize your data - design for your customers needs - increase roi

Email marketing strategies are the cornerstone of any successful marketing planner. It may seem like a daunting task, but creating a sound email strategy can increase your return on investment and strengthen your brand.

Understand your market

Email database segmentation can provide useful insights into the core market purchasing behaviors of your customers. It can help you understand where do your customers come from, what topics are they interested in, what makes them tick. 

Segment CRM data by age group, job title, common interests or any other parameter you have identified as important for your strategy

Agree key marketing messages and define copy based on previous customer analysis (if available)

Design PC and mobile friendly email to incorporate key messages and any relevant documentation and links

Send email at the optimal time for increased open and click-through rates. Analyze incoming data to identify potential customers and provide future analytics insights.

increase your sales pipeline through intelligent design

After data segmentation, email design is the most important aspect of your email marketing strategy. A poorly designed email can put off customers and could deter future engagement.